Creative Team

My team is currently growing!

Brit Cruise (Writer/Director)

Cameron Murray (Composer)

Mark Phillips (Title Design & Art)

Antony Ginsburg (Consultant)

Anthony Burns (Actor/Grip)

Gary Byrne (CGI)

Greg McDonald (CGI)

Hannah Addario-Berry (cello performance)

Kim Macneill (Story Editor)

Cailene Dye (Demo music)

Lyndsay Simmons (voice – shown below)

One Response to Creative Team

  1. Steven Cruise says:

    Love that cosmic bird’s eye view of the beautiful Lindsay! Your dad described this to me recently and I just had to check it out. What a COOL project, Brit!Go for it!Hopefully more backers will emerge soon. In fact i’ll soon discuss this with my philosophy study group which meets about monthly, i’m sure they’ll appreciate what goes into this.
    in anticipation, (uncle) Steve

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